Drake Hogestyn Stars in Judgment at Nuremberg

Drake Hogestyn, remembered and beloved by daytime fans for his role as super spy John Black on Days of our Lives, is currently starring in the play Judgment at Nuremberg at the Santa Monica Playhouse in Santa Monica, California. The production, which centers on a military tribunal in which four Nazi judges are tried for crimes against humanity, runs through April 3.

“The part I’m playing of Dr. Ernst Janning, who was in the Ministry of Justice, is mostly reactionary for 99 percent of the play until the end, when he finally admits his guilt,” Hogestyn told the Santa Monica Mirror. “The way I’m playing it is he opened the floodgates by sanctioning the first illegal activity from the court that allowed all the horror that was to follow.”

The play, which was written by Abby Man, co-stars Katherine Ross as Frau Bertholte, the wife of a German general.

Tickets for the production may be purchased via the box office at (424) 234-9962 or by visiting the www.westofbroadway.org website.

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One Response to Drake Hogestyn Stars in Judgment at Nuremberg

  1. Jordan Janceski says:

    It is great to hear that such a talented intelligent and smart actor produced such great entertainment fans for those that were lucky to see it I am sure that they would have been totally succumbed by Drakes acting. After hearing all the information posted on the website this former Days star has outdone himself despite his black eye lol. Congratulations on a job fantastically done in the play! I am sure that not only your family but you fans too are proud of your continued success.
    Jordan Janceski
    Melbourne Victoria

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