Did Bachelor Pad’s Ames Brown Break Jackie Gordon’s Heart?

Courtesy: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Bachelor Pad turned into a fairytale last week. As eliminated contestant Jackie Gordon was riding off in a limousine, Ames Brown chased after her, jumped into the car, and announced he was choosing love over money and going with her. Too bad the twosome’s happily ever after barely lasted a couple of weeks. The duo discuss their short-lived romance and breakup during a conference call.

So what’s the status of your relationship right now?
Ames Brown:
We had a great time on the show and chose love over money in the competition and so on. We’re not still dating, but we enjoyed every moment we had together.

All over Facebook and Twitter people are talking about how Ames running after the limousine was one of reality TV’s best moments ever, so this is sad news. Can you explain what happened?
Ames Brown:
We had an amazing time, while we were together. And after a little while, [we] split up. Nothing too exotic, about it.

Was there a long distance situation?
Ames Brown:
No, there’s no long distance situation.

Are you still friends?
Ames Brown:
Totally.  Absolutely still friends.

Were the two of you surprised by how quickly you connected on the show?
Jackie Gordon:
For me, it usually doesn’t happen so fast. Certainly, I believe it was love at first sight, for me anyway. It’s possible and it’s even possible in the Bachelor Pad house, remarkably. I shocked myself in my ability to fall so quickly, but Ames is a wonderful person and he made me feel very, very comfortable.
Ames Brown: When I met Jackie, I pretty much forgot about everything that I was thinking [coming in Bachelor Pad], because she was so beautiful and charming.

Might your relationship not lasting have been a case of, when the cameras were around it heightened the emotions between you, but when you got back to reality you discovered you weren’t as compatible?
Jackie Gordon:
I think it could be a combination of that. I also think it’s the life situation that comes in afterwards. You can’t predict certain outside influences and things that can happen outside of your control once you get out of this very controlled environment.  Personally, I was definitely shocked that it ended as it did.  I was certainly not expecting that. I felt this was something that had potential for forever. But with every relationship, nothing may be exactly perfect.

It’s shocking to learn you two are  no longer together. How long did things last between you?
Ames Brown:
A couple of weeks, maybe.  But it was wonderful while it lasted.
Jackie Gordon: I think this was a shock to myself just as much as all of you guys. It is what it is and different things happen, but I’m not going to say I didn’t have my share of heartbreak. I certainly did. Sorry, Ames. I  have cried it out a lot. It’s been hard, but, you know, you live and you learn. And I’m glad that I loved.

Is it fair to say this was an Ames decision and not a Jackie decision?
Jackie Gordon:
I was certainly surprised by it. It came out of nowhere at least for me. As far as I knew, for a while, things were great. I just thought it lasted much, much longer than it did. But, you know, it takes two. I guess he didn’t. It was hard. It’s a hard pill to swallow, when you find love; especially on a show like that, where it’s so unusual. When it leaves you, it’s hard.

Ames, can you give us any clue why you broke up?
Ames Brown:
You know, we just … There’s nothing bad I could possibly say [about Jackie]. She’s wonderful in every way, we just weren’t maybe the ideal match.

Given that you aren’t dating anymore, are either of you seeing someone new?
Ames Brown: I am currently single.
Jackie Gordon: I am also currently single.

Any chance of a reconciliation between the two of you?
Ames Brown:
I don’t think so.

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