Days of our Lives is Here to Stay … For A While

Courtesy: NBC/Trae Patton

Days of our Lives will not be following the path of All My Children and One Life to Live, it was announced today  by Robert Greenblatt, Chairman, NBC Entertainment.When thehollywoodknow asked Greenblatt about the future of NBC’s only remaining daytime drama, he said, “Talk about aging shows.  My hat is off to them as they creatively keep these things going. It is the only soap that we have. I think it does relatively well for us.”

As to whether or not he thinks the soap might pick up additional audience once the two ABC shows air their finales, he says, “I  think you might be right that some of these [soaps] going away may open up an audience. You may also be seeing this genre going into the twilight years with all the other talks shows and games shows [coming up]. At the moment we are happy with its performance I think it will be on for a while.”

As for all the cast changes at Days, Greenblatt indicated that the network had not dictated any of those” “None of those changes have been at our request,” he said.

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4 Responses to Days of our Lives is Here to Stay … For A While

  1. Shelley Warshaw says:

    As one of the original life long fans, (I started at eleven and a half in 1965) nothing could make me happier!!!!!!!!! I have loved this show and it’s characters and actors for the better part of my life. While I hate that Nadia and Louise have been let go, (Please find a way to bring them back!) I am thrilled at the prospect of those that are returning. Having met both Deidre and Drake over the past couple of years, I now that they are not just talented actors who have created two of the most beloved characters that ever existed, but more importantly they are each the caring and classy individuals that I always imagined they would be!

    I prayed everyday for the past two and a half years that this day would come!!!!!!! I missed them both every day and every episode. Days of Our lives has become a part of my heart for so long I don’t remember when it wasn’t there. I am so very excited for September and I absolutely love the old clips that are being shown.
    DAYS FANS, wherever you are: It’s time to come HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Pat McKenna says:

    I agree with Shelley, I’m glad to hear that John and Marlena will be coming back, I was worried that with all the old characters that were coming back, that maybe the show was going off the air. Very glad to hear that it isn’t…I just hope that they aren’t really going to kill Maggie off the show..

  3. nancy says:

    i’m so glad they did not killed off maggie but it was exciting to watch when she flatline and pronounced her dead i just knew they wouldn’t kill her off i think that’s why she had to die just for a little bit just to make it more realistic that they could have kill her off

  4. nancy says:

    i love days of our lives i even watch additional days of our lives on my soapnet channel i’ve been watching days of our lives for 45 years with both of my parents when it first came on tv i just love everybody on it i just wish i was on it myself

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