Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green Return to The Voice

Courtesy: NBC/Michael Desmond

The bickering and bantering officially begins on Monday, September 23 with the two-hour premiere of The Voice, featuring original coaches Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, who are returning to the show.

What brought the talented duo back to the fold?

“What’s great about the show, [the reason] I decided to join in the first place, [is that] Mark Burnett and these guys are like a family,” shared Aguilera at a Television Critics Association summer press tour panel with Green, Adam Levine and host Carson Daly. “I don’t want to be cliche or corny, but I was actually looking forward to — besides, of course, being able to coach fresh talent — having a laugh with these guys. I sit next to Blake, and he keeps me laughing all day long. And there’s a second show behind the scenes…”

Green concurred, describing The Voice as “gratifying… so positive and progressive. It’s just a lot of positive energy to be a part of,” he said. “And you’re right, Christina, when you say that it’s such a genuine family atmosphere. It’s so organic and honest and open, and I really appreciate it. I really missed the company a lot. That’s definitely what brought me back, and, of course, a cordial invite.”

Family feelings aside, the pair and Levine feel a strong connection to The Voice.

“We love this show,” insisted Levine. “We’re huge fans of this show. All of us. We wouldn’t do it if we weren’t.”

And none of the coaches are in it solely to win it.

“It’s great to work with [the contestants] and try to get them to win the show, which is obviously the end goal when you’re on The Voice,” noted Levine. “But it’s kind of more amazing just to work with these people and help them get to wherever they’re going to get, whatever stage in the competition they get to. And whenever they go home, they go home with all these amazing experiences based on the things that we’ve experienced and handed down to them. So winning is great. And, trust me, I hate the fact that Blake won three in a row. But winning isn’t always the point. As long as we do our jobs and teach them what we know and help them along, honestly, we win.”

“Yeah, we want to pull for our teams. We want them to win,” added Aguilera. “Obviously, you get close to them in relationships. But I think we can all agree it’s the contestants that do win at the end of the day and not us.”

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