Brad Contemplates Fatherhood, Makes a Heart-Wrenching Choice on The Bachelor

Courtesy: ABC/Mark Wessels

After his family meets the two women who have captured his heart in Cape Town, South Africa, and he shares emotional last dates with both of them, Brad Womack’s search for a soul mate culminates when he finally chooses between Chantal and Emily on the Monday, March 14th finale of The Bachelor.

Chantal arrives first and quickly wins over the Womack family with her outgoing personality and declaration that she’s learned from her divorce and is certain she has found true love with Brad.

Emily follows and tension escalates when Brad reveals that she has a daughter. Brad’s family is deeply moved, when Emily recounts the heartbreaking story of how her ex-fiance died in a plane crash. Nevertheless, they’re concerned about Brad’s readiness to step into the role of father.

Brad hopes his final dates with Chantal and Emily  will bring clarity as to whom he should choose. He and Chantal embark on a daredevil adventure, when they go swimming with sharks and Chantal is justifiably terrified. Later that night, Chantal opens up her heart to Brad.

The next day, Brad takes Emily on a helicopter ride over Cape Town and things are going wonderfully, until Emily begins questioning whether Brad is really prepared to be a dad to her daughter. Brad leaves the date confused and with the biggest decision of his life facing him.

Will Brad complete his search for a soul mate with a proposal? And will the woman he picks say yes, if he does? Viewers will find out in the episode’s dramatic conclusion.

Afterward, on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, three couples who have found true love on The Bachelor and The BacheloretteAli and Roberto, Jason and Molly, and Trista and Ryan – share their secrets for sustaining lasting happiness. Then, Brad and the woman he chose unite for the first time in public as a couple to discuss their relationship and what the future holds for them.

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  1. The last episode of The Bachelor was very intriguing. I knew Emily will be the winner. She has a fascinating personality and likable appearance, but the most important is the she is a very loveable woman. I consider Brad made the proper choice. Congratulations to Emily!

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