Biggest Loser Sweetheart Courtney Crozier’s Shocking Elimination!

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When Courtney Crozier showed up at The Biggest Loser ranch, she weighed 323 pounds — and that was after a weight lost of 120 pounds on her own. Despite the large amount of weight she still had to lose, she was always upbeat with a can-do attitude  — and that won her hearts across America.

So this week, when, after working one-on-one with trainer Brett Hoebel, she only lost one-pound, everyone from the trainers to her fellow contestants to host Alison Sweeney were sad to see her go.

Courtney’s last three weeks on the ranch had been a struggle and she was unable to pull the numbers she had earlier in the season. She vowed when she got home to figure out what went wrong, and now talks to the 22-year-old from Valapariso, IN, who has now lost a total of 225 pounds, what she learned.

Did you ever have a chance to figure out what caused the slowdown in your weight loss?

Courtney Crozier: I knew what was going on when I was at the ranch and that was that my body was just in starvation mode. I wasn’t eating enough. And that was my own fault because I made my own choices. I thought that I was eating enough, but I just wasn’t. And so when I was eating, my body was hanging onto all of that.

I also think that I was … I wouldn’t say I was over training, but I definitely was at the same burn from the moment I walked onto the ranch to the moment I walked off the ranch. And that was like a 100-pound difference, so it probably wasn’t the greatest thing. But it had nothing to do with Brett, it was just me. I would just go, go, go all day long and think that that was going to be what I needed, but that’s not what I needed.

When I got home and I actually took a breather and I started eating a little bit more, I realized that’s exactly what my body needed. I was just too scared to do it on the ranch because I just wasn’t going to go home, but ultimately that’s what sent me home. I have no regrets though. I’m glad that I figured it out and I’m glad that I’m (taking) it on at home and, you know, I’m just fine.

When we saw that your weight loss was only one pound and it was obvious that you were going home, I had never seen such an outpouring of love from not just your girls, but from the other trainers. How did that make you feel?

Courtney Crozier: You know, I love every single one of those people that were standing in that room. I mean, they are my family, every single one of them. I know how I felt every time someone would leave. I did have a connection with pretty much every single person there. And I tried to have a special friendship with everyone and I think that’s what was really shown on the episode is that I did take time to get to know everyone and I did take time to spread the love and that’s why they were upset.  That love wasn’t going to be there anymore.

But the thing is, we have the rest of our lives together. And I think that they realized that, too. This has only made us all so much better. And I just felt so … I really felt so blessed and so lucky just walking out of that gym because I knew that every single one of those (people) genuinely cared about me and I genuinely cared about them. So it was a really good feeling. It’s an amazing feeling.

What is the hard part now that you are home? What is the food that you crave and the exercise that you hate but that you persevere through?

Courtney Crozier: I think the hardest part for me is we have the finale to look forward to and I should be so motivated, but I feel like I’ve been going so hard for so long and, you know, I feel like I want a break. So the hardest part for me right now is just wanting to rest but I can’t.

And the diet, there are so many temptations out here in this world, but this really is about a lifestyle change. This isn’t about completely cutting all bad things out of your life. You know, if I want to have a slice of pizza, I’m going to have a slice of pizza, but I’m going to make sure that I work that slice of pizza off.

I’ve tried to find the balance in my life about certain things and I think that that’s the most important part of this entire journey for anyone is that it really is about balance. You have to find that balance and you’re not going to be perfect every day. And I have to remind myself of that every single day.

What is your goal weight?

Courtney Crozier: Well I’ve thought a lot about this and for me the bottom line is it’s not really about numbers anymore at this point. For me, it really is about a feeling. And the feeling that I have on the inside today, right now, it’s like so amazing I can’t even explain it because I know where I was before and I thought I was happy before, but I’ve never been as happy as I am today. I also believe that tomorrow is going to be even better than today. So for me it’s more about a feeling. And I’m going to know when I’m where I’m supposed to be.

Now for the show, I would love to get to 50 percent.. I would be at 160 pounds. If I get to 180 pounds, I would have lost more than 250 pounds on this journey, so it’s like there’s just so many different ways for me to look at it. But at the end of the day it’s not going to be about a number, it’s going to be about a feeling that I have and I’m really proud of that.

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