Bentley’s Return: What Does it Mean for The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert?

Courtesy: ABC/Rick Rowell

Next week’s promo of The Bachelorette, highlighting the return of bad boy Bentley, had the gang at The Bachelorette Beatdown, a weekly recap webcam stream featuring past contestants from The Bachelor franchise on, wondering about the show’s reasoning and what it all means for Ashley Hebert.

Ashley Spivey admitted she had “mixed feelings” about Bentley resurfacing. “I’m hoping he comes back and [Ashley] realizes what a jerk he is, but I wish he would just stay away,” said Spivey.

Natalie Getz disagreed, believing Ashley needed to sort things out with Bentley. “She has had this infatuation, almost obsession with him,” explained Getz. “She can’t move forward with her other guys until she gets that closure.”

Marissa May thought Bentley’s return could give the villainous bachelor “a chance to redeem himself and tell [Ashley] exactly why he left,” noted May. “But I don’t think he’s going to do that.”

Straight shooter Wes Hayden cut right to the chase about what the show’s motive was: upping the drama and the ratings. “Of course the producers are bringing him back,” insisted Hayden. “He’s being summoned back. There’s no redemption on this show.”

“Bringing back Bentley is totally produced,” concurred Jesse Kovacs, conceding that he felt badly for poor, smitten Ashley. “She doesn’t know which way is up and which way is down.”

The series’ host, Jesse Csincsak, asked for opinions on Ashley’s other suitors, starting with Constantine, who made the most of a one-on-one date despite rain altering their plans.

Britt Billmaier found the moppy-haired Constantine to be “really cool,” but said she was getting “a friendship vibe” between him and Ashley. “I don’t see them as a romantic duo,” contended Billmaier, “especially because [Ashley] said she was so digging JP’s shaved head. Doesn’t that automatically make Constantine screwed?”

Kovacs thought Ashley and Constantine’s body language was off. “There are no sparks there,” he asserted.

Relationship expert Stacy Kaiser weighed in with her professional opinion: “I don’t think it’s going to happen. I got the friend vibe, too.”

Constantine look-a-like Ben F., the bachelor who painted the mural with Ashley, evoked the same feeling from May. “He’s on the exact path as  Constantine,” she said. “A great guy, but …”

The Bachelor Beatdown crew was divided over Ashley’s other one-on-one date, smooth-talking Ames.

“I like Ames. I think he’s the coolest guy on the show,” contended Hayden. “Heck, I’d hook him up with my sister … He seems like a nice, nice dude.”

Getz was also an Ames fan. “He’s well traveled. He speaks very well. He’s very kind,” said Getz.

Kaiser, however, didn’t buy anything about Ames. “The guy is full of it. Nothing is real. It’s all contrived,” spat Kaiser. “He’s one big giant act. He’s got every line in the book. When he said Ashley looked great on sea or on land at day or at night … That was off the top of his head? That wasn’t planned?”

Csincsak agreed, noting Ames, “does seem to be saying all the right things. He seems a little bit phoney to me. The jury’s still out on this guy.”

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