Bachelor Pad’s Vienna Girardi on Her Nose Job

Courtesy: ABC/Vienna Girardi

A rose is a rose and a nose is a nose: Bachelor Pad‘s Vienna Girardi, who became eligible for the competition show after her famous breakup with The Bachelor‘s Jake Pavelka, wouldn’t reveal if she and boyfriend Kasey Kahl won the Bachelor Pad‘s $250,000 grand prize, but she did talk about her recent nose job.

“I am still in pain,” she says several weeks following the surgery. “I still can’t lie sideways, but I will say this. I didn’t want to be that celebrity who said, ‘Oh, it was my deviated septum, or I broke my nose, so I had to get it done.’ I hated my nose. I wanted to get it done, but I did have a deviated septum, so I benefited. My insurance helped pay for everything.”

Girardi, who was still slightly swollen with a hint of black eyes from the procedure, is very optimistic about the outcome, saying, “Come back in six months. It will be beautiful.”

“I didn’t even get one and I can feel her pain,” Kasey says supportively.

Kasey and Vienna say they officially started dating in February and haven’t spent more than two or three days apart since that time.

“We did the, ‘I’ll come visit you for four days. You come visit me for four days,’” Vienna says. “Now, we are going to make the move. I am going to drag him to L.A. We are shopping to see what we want together [in an apartment] and we are maybe going to make the next step.”

“I own a marketing/advertising firm and a magazine. I also started a nonprofit, Guard and Protect Your Heart, for children,” says Kasey, who still has the Guard and Protect tattoo he got on The Bachelorette. “I do all that stuff and I can do it from the comfort of wherever I am. If I do happen to move to Los Angeles, I can still be secure and make sure my girlfriend is secure. We have a lot of stuff in our future.”

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