Bachelor Pad’s Justin Rego: Jake Pavelka is “Fake” and Vienna Girardi is a “Drama Queen”

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Justin Rego suffered the embarrassing fate of being booted off Bachelor Pad’s very first episode on Monday night, and he partially blames ousted female counterpart, Alli Travis, for the quick exit. Rego discussed being perceived as “The Jerk,” again, revealed the contestant he was crushing on, and shared his thoughts on Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl.

If you could do it all again, what would you do differently?
Justin Rego:
I wouldn’t have opened my big mouth to Alli.  It would be just that one move. I remember actually having that conversation with that original group. I knew the powers to beat in that house were Michelle (Money), Graham (Bunn), Kasey, Vienna, Holly (Durst) and Michael (Stagliano), and I knew I had to break them up. I was actually trying to protect Alli, because they wanted to get her out of there. I spilled the beans to her and she went running to Graham, kind of telling him what I said.  So definitely I regret that.

Did you think Alli was going to be trustworthy, when you told her you were playing both sides? And did you really think it could work?
Justin Rego:
Unfortunately, there’s only three hours and in those three hours there’s so much drama going on in that house. You couldn’t see everything. I did build a solid alliance. I had Gia Allemand and Jake with me, and Alli was kind of the flip-flopper. I remember that night so distinctively. I was talking to her and telling her, “Hey, they’re going to try and flop you.” And we needed her vote to make the majority and kind of pick off the other guys one by one. But, in the end, it was a bad decision trusting that girl.

What were your thoughts on Jake?
Justin Rego:
I never met [Jake] before Bachelor Pad.  I heard some not so nice things about him from a bunch of people, including Dancing with the Stars people that did not like him. So I had a negative impression of him. Then I started talking to him and kind of gave him a chance, because of Gia; because me and Gia were somewhat close. As time went on in the house, I never got to know him. I only got to know this outer shell of him. I know it’s ironic me saying this, but it seems like he was always putting on this little front, this little fake image.

And Kasey and Vienna? Were you surprised to see that tiff they had after losing the competition?
Justin Rego:
No, not at all. It seemed like it was isolated, but it wasn’t. We all knew what was going on. Vienna’s a drama queen and, just like any couple, they’re going to fight; especially when there’s so much on the line and you have your ex-fiance living with you. It’s going to put a lot of strain on a relationship. Those two had the roughest time in the house, but we’re going to see how they prevail in the upcoming weeks.

You were really intent on getting Kasey eliminated. Why?
Justin Rego: I know how manipulative he is in real life.  And I know that he’s very, very good at getting people on his side. I knew he would be a threat. I definitely knew, for my safety, I needed him out that door. I came into the game to play hard, and, if I was going to be eliminated, it’s because I went after the biggest personalities in that house.

Before leaving you called Vienna “Miss Piggy” and Kasey “Kermit the Frog” and insulted Alli’s  boobs and intelligence. What are your thoughts on people calling you a jerk again?
Justin Rego: You know what, I’m fine with that. If Bachelor fans want to go ahead and say I’m a jerk and talk negatively about me, I’m okay with that. Being a contestant on that show, I wanted to be entertaining. I wanted to get an emotion out of that viewer watching. Regardless if you love me or hate me, I got an emotion, I got a reaction out of you. That’s exactly what I wanted.

Aside from wanting to be entertaining, were you open to the possibility of finding love on the show or was it all about the $250,000 prize?
Justin Rego:
Damn it, I was hoping to avoid this question. I was not open to love at all on the show. I strictly went on it for the money. I’m currently dating somebody back home in Toronto who makes me very happy. We’ve been dating for several months. Going into the house, I did tell them I was single, just for the option of using that to my advantage. But, on the other hand, I was kind of happy that I went home early. I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize the relationship that I have back home.

If you hadn’t been in a relationship, was there anyone on the show you might have been interested in dating had you stuck around longer?
Justin Rego:
Now that I know all of them, it’s a little bit different. But when I first walked in the door, who I was hoping was in that house? Definitely Michelle Money.  I definitely have a little crush on her, watching her season on The Bachelor. She’s a really pretty girl, and I definitely was interested in getting to know her a little bit more.

Who do you think has the best shot of winning Bachelor Pad?
Justin Rego:
It would have to be someone from that little core four alliance — Kasey and Vienna or Michelle and Graham. They’re strong competitors, as much as I hate to admit it. They know what they’re doing in the game, and they’re doing it well.

If you got offered the chance to do the show again would you?
Justin Rego:
If I was given [an opportunity] to do Bachelor Pad every single year, I would come back over and over again. It definitely was a better fit.  Even though I was on Bachelor Pad for one episode, I enjoyed it so much more than The Bachelorette. I’m not the type of super, soft, mushy-mush guy that you need to be on a show like The Bachelorette. But Bachelor Pad? Honestly, I think I was made for Bachelor Pad .

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