Bachelor Pad’s Erica Rose Hoped for a Relationship with Jake Pavelka

Courtesy: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Bachelor Pad viewers saw Erica Rose share one steamy kiss with Jake Pavelka. But, according to Rose, there was a lot more between them that never made it on the air, and it left her hoping for a possible relationship with Vienna Girardi’s ex.

“Of everyone in the house, I probably spent the most time with him and really got to know him as a person,” says Rose. “He’s a really great guy and I think he’s gorgeous. He’s a good person, and he’s different than the person that Vienna described him to be for sure.”

After leaving Bachelor Pad, Rose admits she “was hopeful” of her and Pavelka “hanging out. But I’ve only hung out with him once, since the show,” she notes. “I still have unanswered questions.”

According to Rose, Pavelka’s told her they “need to talk … need to discuss everything that happened [on the show]. He said he felt kind of betrayed by my friendship with Kasey (Kahl) and Vienna,” explains Rose, noting that she and Pavelka “have never really gotten to have that last conversation like we need to have. So maybe at the finale I’ll bring things up.”

No matter, Rose doesn’t have high hopes about anything developing between her and Pavelka.

“I don’t think that he wants a further relationship with me,” concedes Rose. “And I’m like a little sad about it.”

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