Bachelor Pad’s Vienna Girardi Responds to Latest Tantrum Rumors

Courtesy: The Hollywood Know

Did anyone really think that Bachelor Pad‘s Vienna Giradi and Kasey Kahl’s attempt at couples therapy via the VH1 show Relationship Rehab would be smooth sailing? Of course not. So when TMZ reported that Girardi ripped off her microphone and stormed off the set in the middle of taping, no one was surprised. Well, except for Girardi, who quickly took to Twitter to set the record straight.

“Too funny,” she tweeted, referencing the story’s headline, Vienna Girardi storms of Relationship Rehab. “Watch and see what really happens.”

According to the TMZ story, Girardi was furious with the show’s producers and yelled that she “hates” them, when they ushered in her ex-boyfriend, Lee Smith. Smith is the guy Girardi was linked to, while she was engaged to The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka.

Girardi insists the whole on set eruption thing is a boldfaced lie.

“To correct all rumors about the show: I didn’t storm off the set,” Girardi tweeted. “I didn’t yell at producers & I knew my ex was coming. I called him.”

So that settles that, for now. To find out what really happens, Vienna and Kasey fans should tune in to watch Relationship Rehab, when it debuts in the spring of 2012.

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