Bachelor Pad’s Gia Allemand: Graham Bunn’s Betrayal Sent Me “Over the Edge”

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Most Bachelor Pad contestants lie, scheme and do anything it takes to stay in the game. Gia Allemand took herself out of it last week, when she walked off the show. The abrupt move was prompted by a betrayal from her longtime pal, Graham Bunn. Has she forgiven Graham? What are her thoughts about Jake Pavelka, Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi? And has she found love off camera? Gia weighs in on all.

How shocked were you that Graham told Kasey you wanted to wipe out the power couples on the show?
Gia Allemand:
I was extremely shocked at what Graham did to me. I still cry to this day over Graham, because we were like best friends. We hung out all the time in New York. I always participated in his charities and did whatever I could to help him out … I couldn’t believe that he would sit there with me and … [Viewers] only saw a few minutes, but it was hours of talking, catching up, and being like, “Oh this is going to be great. We’re going to break up this power couple. We’re going to get out of the drama. It’s going to be good, and everyone’s going to have this great shot.” Then he goes and does that to me. I was like, “I just lost a friend on this national TV show.” I was just heartbroken.

Was that the reason you decided to leave the show?
Gia Allemand:
It was definitely a buildup of things… The only people I could trust were Jackie (Gordon), Ames (Brown) and Jake. And, then, having Graham, who I thought was my  really good friend, do something like that … [That pushed me] over the edge. It just wasn’t worth it to me staying there anymore, feeling what I was feeling.

Have you forgiven Graham for what he did?
Gia Allemand:
I think forgiveness is always essential in life. I believe in forgiving anybody, if they want to be forgiven. Graham has reached out to me a few times and apologized… So, yes, I forgave him. As far as ever rekindling the friendship that we once had, I don’t think that  would ever happen.

You were upset when Jake gave his rose to Vienna in the first episode. Do you think he was honestly extending an olive branch to her or just playing up a good guy persona for the cameras?
Gia Allemand:
Jake’s whole point of going on the show was to do something good and to be a bigger and better person. As much as I didn’t agree with him giving her the rose, I understand that, to him, that rose meant, I’m sorry for whatever. Can we be friends in this house? Can you stop telling everyone to hate me? Because, at that point, not one person in the house liked Jake or gave him a chance. Vienna had rallied people up for weeks before the show and got everyone to think Jake was this monster. So he just wanted to give her something to break the spite between them. His strategy didn’t work, but he is genuinely one of the best people I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet in my life. I’m proud to say I’m his friend.

Vienna and Kasey posted a video, where Vienna said the two of you made up on the first episode, but then she saw that you tried to get rid of her on the second episode. What’s the status of your relationship with them?
Gia Allemand:
I’ve always have a big heart for Kasey. I have always respected Kasey and loved Kasey. I think he is a good person, and I feel bad that we don’t have the relationship that we once had. As for me and Vienna, when we did talk in the house, I never received an apology from her. But I did know I had to live in the house with this girl, and I didn’t want to be enemies with her. We were adults to one another. She didn’t yell at me, but she did make me feel uncomfortable a lot of times. She made Jake feel uncomfortable, which made me feel uncomfortable.  I wouldn’t call Vienna my friend, by any means, but I wouldn’t call her my enemy. If I saw here, I would say hello.

Do you have any regrets about leaving Bachelor Pad the way you did?
Gia Allemand:
I wish I would have, before I left, spoken my mind a little more and told people what they’re doing is wrong in every way.  I wish I would have made more of an impact on showing people that you [should] play this game in an adult, strategic and morally right way. I wish I would have been more vocal about that before leaving.

You didn’t find love on The Bachelor or on two seasons of Bachelor Pad. If they asked you to be The Bachelorette, would you do that?
Gia Allemand: Oh, I have so much love. I have a 6- foot, 10-inch honey bunch that is just the cutest thing ever. I wouldn’t give him up for anything.

For the record, Allemand’s “honey bunch” is Orlando Magic basketball player, Ryan Anderson.

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