Bachelor Pad’s Blake Julian Couldn’t Help Falling for Holly Durst

Courtesy: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Internet rumors have surfaced that Blake Julian and Holly Durst have found love since leaving Bachelor Pad. Julian, however, dodged questions about the status of the duo’s relationship during his exit interview conference call with reporters.

“That’s something I think everyone should wait until the finale to really figure out,” said Julian.

Julian, however, did explain why he decided to pursue Durst, despite the fact that her ex fiancé, Michael Stagliano was in the Bachelor Pad house.

“[Holly] told me repeatedly that they were single,” contends Julian. “She would say in front of everyone that she [wasn’t Michael’s] girlfriend and he admitted that they were not together. They did have feelings for each other, obviously, if they were engaged. But the story that I got from Holly was that they weren’t as strong on her side.”

Meanwhile, Julian and Durst couldn’t deny the feelings brewing between the two of them.

“You can’t really help when something feels right and it becomes the only thing that matters,” says Julian. “So it wasn’t so much a logical decision, but more of a … feeling. It never crossed my mind to ignore her, that would seem like an impossibility.”

Julian doesn’t think he broke any kind of “bro code” kissing and cuddling with Stagliano’s ex.

“Michael and I weren’t exactly ‘bros.’ We never became close,’” contends Julian, admitting that he “probably shouldn’t have kissed [Holly]” in front of him. “But you just really can’t help who you fall for, and I never in my wildest dreams anticipated having such a wonderful date with Holly. I don’t regret that at all. I mean, I regret that it hurt [Michael’s] feelings. That’s never anything that I want to do. I’m not trying to hurt anyone, but at a certain point you have to live your own life.”

Had Stagliano not been in the house, Julian thinks the show would have shown more of the blossoming romance between him and Durst and what made their feelings grow.

“I have no doubt about that,” he maintained. “The first night in the house, I almost teamed up with Holly… But there was a rumor going around that she was secretly kind of involved with Michael; if not romantically, then strictly like teammates. Several people told me that… If Michael hadn’t have been there, we would have ended up being partners. I’m not sure how far we would have gotten, but we definitely would have had more fun.”

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