Bachelor Ben Dishes on Courtney with Ellen

Courtesy: Warner Bros./Michael Rozman

The Bachelor‘s Ben Flajnik dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a talk with the Emmy Award-winning host, who couldn’t help but bring up Monday night’s episode in which a conniving Courtney played on Ben’s sympathies while on a group date in order to get the rose.Here is how the chat went:

Ellen: She manipulated you to try and get that rose because she said, “Oh, I don’t know how I feel.” Then you went and got the rose and gave it to her.  That was not right.

Audience applauds

She may be a lovely person and you’re probably engaged to her but the thing is, the way that it was edited,  she came off not nice … and I could be wrong. It’s not fair to judge someone like that but she was just playing you, man. She was playing you. Saying all the things you wanted to hear

Ben: I can’t comment on any of this stuff.

Ellen: She’s a model. So that’s exciting.

Ben: I told my mom and my sister before this thing started. I didn’t want the models and the LA…  and that kind of stuff. So that was one of the hurdles.

Ellen: Right and there she was.

Ben: You’re killing me Ellen…

Ellen: I know that it must be hard for you to watch because you didn’t see them. Some women tried to warn you but that sounds weird that people are warning you.

Ben: You never know what’s going on, on that side. You never know who to trust. Like you said earlier backstage. You wish there was a mole. Yeah, it would be nice if there were a mole back there

Ellen: Someone could tap you on the shoulder and go uh-uh.   No, no… All right, I’m going to find you a nice girl because that didn’t work.

Tune in to The Ellen DeGeneres Show today for more of Ben’s interview with Ellen.

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