America’s Next Top Model’s Dayla on Getting in Her Own Way

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Dalya Morrow was so determined to win this season’s America’s Next Top Model that she put so much pressure on herself that Tyra Banks sent her home, saying the 21-year-old from Corona, CA, who had previously walked the runway at L.A. Fashion Week, got in her own way.

This week’s challenge was a photo shoot at the old L.A. Zoo wearing Rachel Zoe’s faux fur line, while holding on to a jaguar cub. Dalya just couldn’t relax and get it right, so it was the end of her Top Model dreams.

Thehollywoodknow talks to the ousted model to get her take on what the judges had to say and what lies ahead.

Do you think that what Tyra said was correct – that you got in your own way?

Dalya Morrow: That is a really good question. In some way I did because I allowed the negative stuff to get in my head. I don’t know really how to answer that question because I am 50/50. Some of the stuff she said, I really didn’t agree with, but some of the stuff I did agree with.

Did I get in my own way? In some ways, yes; in some ways, no. I took every opportunity – all the photo shoots – having fun, but when you get that negative feedback, it can mess with your head. That is what you face every day. Even before Top Model, I faced that stuff. I shouldn’t have let that get in my way. I shouldn’t have let what was said to me by Mr. Jay or anybody jeopardize my chances.

Do you think your previous experience worked against you? That maybe more was expected of you?

Dalya Morrow: More was expected of me. I could totally see it in Tyra’s face. I know that. I could have done so much more at that last photo shoot. I could have had even more fun with it. I was holding back and I don’t know why I did that. But you know what? I am ready to go crazy on this industry. Go out there and work at it.

What was it like working with the jaguar cub?

Dalya Morrow: It was something different. I could tell you that. I see everyday cats, but jaguars are nothing like that. That thing was so cute and it was really heavy. That was an experience just to sit near a jaguar.

What was your favorite photo shoot of everything that you did?

Dalya Morrow: My favorite photo shoot, hands down, was the bee shoot with Michael Rosenthal. I had fun with that. I was so excited about the makeup and getting to work with him, I was just playing with it. Plus, I never worked with bees before. I took that as another experience I can tell my grandchildren.

Did anyone get stung?

Dalya Morrow: No one got stung. Some of the girls were nervous, but nobody got stung.

What are you taking away from your America’s Next Top Model experience?

Dalya Morrow: I am taking away all the advice I got at panel. André Leon Talley told me when I first walked into panel to stand tall because I tend to slouch over. I took that into consideration. Hearing that coming from him, I know I need to stand tall and not slouch and keep my arms back. Tyra gave me the best advice she could give me and I am going to take that and go into this real world of modeling, which is crazier than Top Model, and take it by storm and work my butt off. I love modeling. I can’t stand not doing it.

Now that you are not there, who do you think will win?

Dalya Morrow: There are three girls that I know should be the top three: Molly, Brittani and Jaclyn.

Any regrets?

Dalya Morrow: No because, honestly, I went into that competition as if it was any other casting call in Los Angeles that I was sent on by my agency. I don’t regret how I carried myself because that is how I am normally. Everything that I did was me 100 percent. I enjoyed every second.

Would you do it again?

Dalya Morrow: That is a hard question. Yes, I would go 100 percent and beyond.

What is next for you?

Dalya Morrow: As soon as I was able to, I researched all the agencies in Los Angeles. Mind you, I did go to an open call at Ford one time when I was not with an agency and I wanted to check out a good agency … just walk in and see what it was all about. There are several agencies that I want to get involved with and see if they will take me on. Another step of mine would be going to New York, because I feel my look would be more successful out in New York than here in Los Angeles.

America’s Next Top Model airs tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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