America’s Next Top Model’s Bree on her Elimination

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On last week’s America’s Next Top Model, the All-Stars split into two teams for a football challenge/photo shoot, which Kayla Ferrel won, and then work with supermodel Coco Rocha for a pretend catfight photo shoot, which Dominique won.

The bottom two consisted of Alexandria Everett and Bre Scullark with Bre getting her walking papers from Tyra.

Now we talk to Bre about why she left without saying goodbye, her disastrous haircut and winning the CSI challenge.

Were you surprised to be in the bottom two again? And what did you think when Tyra didn’t call your name?

When I got eliminated last night … once you are in the bottom two, you have a 50/50 chance of going home, so you already start accepting it might be a possibility. When she didn’t call my name, of course, I was disappointed but I understood what the judges were saying. I wasn’t what they were looking for. I knew it was coming for weeks I knew my elimination was coming up soon.

You walked off without really saying goodbye to anybody.  What was that about?

It wasn’t anything personal to Tyra or the girls. I love the girls and I love Tyra, but I needed closure. It was just like if I went to an audition or a casting and the client didn’t want me. I can accept that they don’t want me, but you never want to know why because it lingers with you. This is probably the last time I will be on America’s Next Top Model, I didn’t want it to linger with me why I wasn’t good enough to win.

You mentioned in the show that you felt part of your problem was helping Bianca too much. Do you feel that affected your performance?

I definitely don’t feel I was helping Bianca too much. I don’t think helping someone can hinder you. I think I went in and I was consistent with our relationship outside of the competition and the house. Then bringing it inside, I was just being for her who I am even when we are not on camera.

You were really upset when they cut your hair.  One of the previous eliminated All-Stars told me that you make a lot of your income doing hair modeling.  Is that why?

I do. I think cutting hair should be a voluntary situation. It was a little shocking for them to cut my hair but I think I went into panic mode because I was so afraid it would jeopardize my contract with Garnier. I didn’t know what to do. I thought, ‘What am I going to tell my agent? What is Garnier going to say.’ Now, watching the show I like the cut and I think it goes well with the branding name ["girlfriend'] they gave me. It just went really well with my personality.

Have you heard from Garnier?

Yes, I have. They renegotiated the contract for the commercial and the print ad, so it will be a little bit longer on air. All is well.

How different was it this second time around? And why did you decide to do it?

My second time coming back was different because I was in a different place. The stakes weren’t as high as before. The first time I felt as if this was the only way I could establish myself as a model was if I won. Now, six years later I know that opportunities are what you make of them. So, I went in very levelheaded. I went in open and clear. I was going to commit 100 percent to the show. However, if it didn’t turn out the way that I wanted that wasn’t going to stop my success.

I went back this time because I really wanted closure. Closure for me meant whether I won or I was eliminated, I gave it a second chance. This time, I went in with experience. I went in with professionalism and I could really deliver. I think I did that.

What is it really like in the house?

You know, Tyra is so clever for putting 14 huge personalities in one house. You are going to clash. Everybody is out screaming the next person trying to be seen. I accept that everybody is not always going to get along. You are not always going to have the same POV on this, but you just accept people for who they are. For me, it was great because I get it now. Whereas my first cycle, hell. This time it was a lot easier and a lot better.

What have you heard about your role on CSI? How did you remember those words?

If I ever see those words gas chromatograph mass spectrometer again, I don’t know what I am going to do. Anthony [Zuiker] is really challenging with writing these scripts. I don’t know how he does it. I just kind of made a rhythm in my mind and made sure I was comfortable. Instead of trying to memorize the words, I tried to make it a flow like how we learn the alphabet.  And it worked!

I can’t talk about when it is going to air yet, but as soon as we can, I will blast you guys.

What was your favorite challenge?

The CSI challenge was the pinnacle for me. We are talking about the biggest TV series in the world. That was almost as great as winning the show. I also loved the carousel. To be able to take all these great ideas and throw it on a runway, it was like a party.

Who are you rooting for to win?

I think the fact that they brought 14 of us back says there is something special about all of us, so kudos to anybody who wins Top Model, but I really like Lisa and Angelea. The reason that I do is they are both extreme. More so than extreme, they are their authentic selves. They are unapologetic for who they are. In a society where everybody is always masking emotions, and having to be something they aren’t, they have really mastered being themselves. I respect that.

What is next for you?

Like I said, Garnier will be around a little longer for the print and the commercial. I am actually wrapping up and Old Navy holiday commercial right now and it will air this winter. I also did a sitcom, directed by Tyler Perry, called For Better or Worse that airs on Thanksgiving Day. And, of course, we have CSI coming up soon. I can’t wait to share all the things that I have accomplished.

Bre’s fans can follow her on Twitter: @msbrescullark and her website is

America’s Next Top Model airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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