America’s Next Top Model Bianca: It’s Just Their Opinion

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Bianca Golden was one of the two girls who were eliminated on last week’s America’s Next Top Model, following a perfume challenge in which the All-Stars created their own fragrance and then had to sell it to the public, using a bathtub. Bianca refused to get in the top when judge Nigel Barker asked her to.

Then, there was a photo shoot when the models had to either channel their inner Snooki or Housewives’ NeNe Leakes. Bianca was chosen to do Snooki, so she came up with the very smart idea of using a pickle in her photo, but in the end, the judges didn’t like the results.

Here we talk to the eliminated Top Model to find out what she thought about her experience on the All-Star season.

Now that Bre was gone, how uncomfortable was it in the house for you? Except for Bre, you didn’t seem to jell with the other girls.

Yeah, it was a little uncomfortable for me being with the rest of them, but it was also interesting for me to see what it would have been like had she not come at all.

Do you think your decision not to get in the bathtub for the perfume challenge played a role in your going home?

I think that it was absolutely what sent me packing.

I thought the pickle idea was really funny for the Snooki shoot. Was there something we didn’t see on the episode?

It pretty much played out the way you saw it. I requested them and then it went crazy.

Did the other girls want them to eat them or to pose with them?

They wanted to pose with them. I just thought they should have requested it on their own.

I thought it was interesting because Mr. Jay didn’t like it when Alexandria kept using her finger, but he was okay with the pickle, but the judges liked Alexandria’s photo and not so much yours.

You never know. There have been tons of times where one person would have an opinion and someone else would have a different opinion, but that is just what it is. It is just everyone’s opinion. Someone may like it; someone else may not. That is why you have to take it with a grain of salt.

And why did you decide to come back for the All-Stars?

Just the exposure, just to let everyone know I was still working and modeling.

How different was it this second time around?

I guess I was older. I was more aware of different things.

Courtesy: Pottle Productions/Ricky Middlesworth

What was your favorite challenge?

I didn’t really have a favorite one. I loved the stilts and I loved the Pink’s hot dog. Those were my favorite photos.

How hard was it to walk on the stilts?

So hard. People don’t realize that our contract’s say, if you die or get hurt, we are not responsible. I was afraid for me because there is no one to be held responsible if something happens.

But you had the drive for the football challenge. You were knocking the girls down.

I had a ball with that.  I forgot about that. The football challenge was my favorite because I was able to take my aggression out on some people and I never played football in my life. I knew how to hit people, so I felt like a winner.

Who are you rooting for to win?

I am rooting for Angelea and Allison. Those girls are great and they cover all the aspects. Allison has the whole Twilight-thing going on and Angelea is say whatever, do whatever. I think they would both be great.

What is next for you?

I have two commercials coming out this holiday season – I can’t say who the commercials are for yet. Also some stuff coming out with Sear’s, Macy’s and Target.

America’s Next Top Model airs tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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