America’s Got Talent Continues From Houston & Minneapolis

Courtesy: NBC/Trae Patton

America’s Got Talent judges Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan and Howie Mandel continue their search for the most talented singers, jugglers, magicians, dancers and oddity acts tonight when the talent competition moves to Houston and Minneapolis.

“I am definitely harder than I have been in previous years,” Sharon says of her judging. “I am actually comfortable in the position right now of being a little more judgmental and making it about the talent and not somebody life’s story.”

She says this is especially true for music acts: “When it comes to music, I guess I am a lot stricter,” admits the woman who has been managing hubby Ozzy Obourne for years. “I do require that they have to be at a certain level to be taken seriously.”

That said, when it comes to young kids, Sharon shows her softer side.

“When the younger contestants are on, it takes so much courage [to get up there],” she says. “I always think, ‘If that was my kid up there how would I want them treated as a judge.’ You have to be very careful.”

But even with the grownups, Sharon says she takes her position as a judge seriously and doesn’t misuse her power.

“Everybody has a dream and you don’t want to destroy their dream,” she points out. “At the same time, you don’t want to give them false hope. Dreams keep a lot of people going. You try not to destroy people.”

Tune in to America’s Got Talent tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC for two more hours of the talent search.

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