American Idol Says Bye-Bye to Thia Megia

Courtesy: FOX/Michael Becker

Thia Megia‘s rendition of Daniel was her final song in the American Idol competition this week as two hopefuls were eliminated following last week’s judges save of Casey Abrams.

“I do regret not choosing more upbeat songs,” Thia said in an American Idol conference call with reporters the morning after her elimination. “I dedicated that song to my brother and I poured all the emotion I had inside of me to my brother. I don’t regret that. I am glad the last song I got to do on the show was dedicated to him.”

That said, Thia is concerned that she will come off strictly as a ballad singer, because she knows she can do more.

“If I can work on more music … especially during the tour … we will be able to sing songs that we didn’t do on the show. I am excited for the tour,” she adds.

The tenth season of American Idol has been rough on the women. So far the four ousted American Idols have all been women: Ashton Jones, Karen Rodriguez, Thia and Naima. Thia explains that the women figure that since more females watch the show than males, they would vote for the men, so all she could do was her best and hope.

“I enjoyed every bit of the competition,” she says. “That is what made it really hard to say goodbye last night. You think of everything you have experienced on the show and I am going to miss it so much. But it is not really the end. We will see each other in a couple of weeks and there is the tour.”

American Idol returns on Wednesday at 8 p.m. on FOX when the Top 9 perform songs from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame accompanied by legendary rock guitarist Jeff Beck, who will be performing with Ray Chew and the American Idol band.

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