Ali Fedotowsky Undergoes Surgery

Poor Ali Fedotowsky is back in the hospital. In April, The Bachelorette star had to have staples put in her head after a kayak accident left her with a nasty gash. Now she’s having surgery to repair a fractured femur and an osteochondral defect in the cartilage in her leg.

Fedotowsky addressed her latest injury in mid-June, when her pal, former Bachelorette Trista Sutter, tweeted her and asked about her injured leg. “I fractured my femur & have a osteochondral defect in my knee,” responded Fedotowsky. “Such a bummer.”

Fedotowsky had been hobbling about San Diego on crutches the last couple of weeks, as she sought out medical advice. Ultimately, she realized she had to have surgery.

“Is it Wednesday yet? My knee is killing me and I am DYING to get this surgery already,” Fedotowsky tweeted on June 26, three days before her scheduled operation.

But as the date approached, Fedotowsky conceded, “It’s not a huge surgery, but I have to admit – I’m feeling a little nervous. “I [probably] just want the [first] surgery to work so badly!”

On the morning of her surgery, however, Fedotowsky was back to her optimistic self. “Headed into surgery. It’s about time,” she tweeted, adding that she’d “be back to yoga in no time.”

Fiancé Roberto Martinez posted an update on Fedotowsky’s condition by early afternoon. “Just spoke to the surgeon, procedure went very well,” he tweeted, adding that Fedotowsky was “in recovery. We’ll keep u updated. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.”

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